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Waitrose Entertaining
Freshly made and beautifully prepared
Waitrose Entertaining
Everything you need for party catering and that special occasion, Waitrose food is freshly prepared and beautifully presented.

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The Waitrose Entertaining food ordering service makes entertainment a pleasure and means you can relax and spend time with your party guests. As you would expect from the experts at waitrose entertaining, all their party food is beautifully prepared to order and is made from the very highest quality ingredients.

You can choose your WaitroseEntertaining food online from the extensive selection available or use the Waitrose Entertaining QuickShop facility if you already know what you would like to order. Waitrose Entertaining also offer some suggested menus to help you plan your event or special occasion.

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You should order from Waitrose Entertaining at least 5 days in advance (please allow a little longer for special occasion cakes). When you place your Waitrose Entertainment order you can collect it FREE of delivery charges from any branch or opt for FREE delivery to your home (new).

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A Bag for Good

A spacious shopping bag with comfort handles inside a handy storage pouch. The dimensions of the open shopping bag are approx 47cm by 58cm (larger than a standard carrier bag). The shopping bag is strong and durable and can carry weights of up to 10kg.

A bag for good is reusable, compact, durable, waterproof, washable and available for just £7.50 (including VAT and free postage & packing). UK delivery only.


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